Companion DX Tagline

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June 14, 2014
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December 3, 2013
Companion DX was a start-up transitioning into a major company. They were at the forefront of an emerging field—applied genetic testing—that had the capacity to change the way medicine was practiced. They wanted a way to talk about their offering in a way that sounded as important and revolutionary as the technology they were developing. That’s where I came up with Pre-Actionary Medicine.

At its essence, the testing Companion DX did was about preventing complications from things like adverse drug reactions, which could be avoided using their technology. It was about moving medicine out of a reactionary mindset to a preventative one—hence pre-actionary.

The term also has less the sound of a catchy tagline and more the sound of an academic field of study—something that could become an industry standard term as the technology gained a foothold, and something that would help position Companion DX as the founders and leaders in that field.