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One day, I opened my lunch bag and
found it was empty, so I filled it with ideas

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Areas of Expertise

Concept Copywriting

The big idea comes before the words. That way they're both better off. I pity the fool who tries to build a house with no foundation. He’ll be dining in the mud and the rain.

Strategic Thinking

I understand the pieces that go into a marketing campaign, including the benefits and limitations of each. I can do more than write your campaign. I can dream it up from start to finish.

Online Savvy

Click-throughs, retweets, page ranks, open rates. Online marketing is full of numbers, and I’ve been optimizing online communications to make client numbers look good for years.


Words aren’t always the right solution. And when they are, they have to work seamlessly with the design. Find out how nice it is to have a copywriter who always keeps design in mind.

SEO Prowess

I won’t be hand coding rel="canonical" tags, but I can help with keyword discovery and research and really shine when it comes to SEO copywriting and big-picture SEO strategy.


The Internet is full of buttons and hyperlinks and information architecture. I’m the copywriter who understands how it all works together so I can craft first-class experiences.
  • Photo credit: The Architect’s Newspaper Everyone wants to be the center. And in Houston, where energy is king, everyone wants to be the center of energy. How fitting then, that there are three separate office buildings or parks that all lay claim to the same name—Energy Center.

  • Photo credit: Bruno Cordioli, Flickr creative common license Marketing automation. In the words of Jacobim Mugatu, it’s so hot right now. In fact, it’s the crux of many marketing strategies. After all, mass marketing is, by nature, selling to more than one person at once. It’s the reason multibillion dollar businesses like Marketo, Eloqua and […]

  • During the Superbowl, Budweiser ran an ad attacking craft beer. It was a blatant, unabated, unmistakable attack. It was so attacky, you’d have thought Budweiser was running for public office. And it made me laugh. Not because I agreed with it. I’m a craft brew drinker through and through. It made me laugh because it […]

  • Photo credit: Common Desk Over the past few years, there’s been a cultural shift—in Dallas and around the country. In the name of frugality, more companies are turning to freelancers with low overhead and quick turnaround times. At the same time, many people who once sought solace in the arms of company jobs are finding […]

  • I love Southwest Airlines. I fly with them often. I adore the personality they put into everything from billboards and beverage napkins to their famously pithy pre-flight instructions. But on this form, they overlooked an edge case in a big way.

  • Legal departments. It’s their job to avoid risk. And as copywriters, it can seem like their job is to sap all personality and effectiveness from our work like binder-wielding vampires. In fact, it can seem like copywriters and legal departments are destined to do battle. But it doesn’t have to work that way.

  • Terms of service are among the dullest kind of writing there is, so it’s nice to see Tumblr having a little fun with theirs. I know I and many copywriters have tried our hands at writing terms of service (usually under great duress), but this is an example where getting the input of a copwriter […]

  • Not too long ago, Google redesigned Google Maps. After getting over the initial shock and discovering familiar features moved around or hidden under new menus and buttons, I realized it wasn’t all that different. But the actual maps redesign isn’t what really took me aback.

  • BMW is a brand synonymous with luxury. Even if it’s not your style, I challenge you to find a person who doesn’t consider BMW upscale. This is no accident. BMW has carefully cultivated this image for decades with a very disciplined marketing program. But as we all know, it only takes one experience to put […]

  • For much of the history of electronics retail, in-store displays weren’t much to look at. But the staid shelves of black boxes weren’t good enough for Apple, who raised the bar with their own clean white stores, and eventually with displays featuring their signature look in stores like BestBuy. Then Samsung, arguably Apple’s biggest competitor, […]

  • One of the most frustrating things to deal with as a creative professional is trying to hit a constantly shifting target. Between multiple levels of internal and external approvals, it can feel like you’ve created an entire campaign for half a dozen different audiences (and sometimes, in reality, you have). The most opaque and perplexing […]

  • Photo by Loic Le Meur on Flickr At its core, Google is a search company. Arguably, everything they do eventually links back to search. They created Google Plus not simply to be their version of Facebook, but as a way to make search more social. They created Google maps to make search more local. And I […]

  • Hal is a creative and prolific writer of copy, both short and long form. He brings sizzle to even the most mundane projects.

    — Russell Brightwell

  • He's a big picture strategist who excels at thinking like the customer.

    — Jon Bowers

  • Hal has a deep understanding of marketing and the different kinds of communication that will compel a prospect to take action.

    — Paul Roland

  • Hal loves what he does. It’s written on his face.

    — Ken Morico