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September 6, 2017
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March 9, 2015
Working with an influencer marketing agency, I built distribution and promotion into the plan for this ebook from the start.

We began by collecting predictions about the future of our industry from respected industry influencers. Then, we used used those to stoke the conversation at a major industry event, where we asked booth attendees to contribute their own short predictions for a chance to be featured. We even hitched our wagon to the event hashtag to solicit user-generated content for the ebook via social media.

With our raw material collected, we compiled the contributions into an ebook, gated it behind a form on a landing page, and supported it with numerous repurposing blog posts (one of which would become one of our all-time top organic blog posts) and social posts. It also quickly crept its way into PPC / display advertising, helping propel it to one of our top content conversion points.

And of course, the success of the campaign wouldn’t have been complete without the influencers and average-Joe contributors who linked and shared the ebook and its associated posts to promote their own online authority.