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I like creating ideas that people want to spend time with. I like creating ideas that move the sales needle. I’ve been doing both simultaneously for years.

I’m not just a word man, I’m an idea man, and I’d love to find out how I can whip up some bold, flavorful ideas for you


I wear watches that tell time in unconventional ways. I enjoy the infinite variety and strong flavor of craft beers. I have a dog that’s scared of thunder but not of lizards.

I like to learn about how architecture shapes our lives. I have a soft spot for mid-century modern furniture. I occasionally write fiction that shouldn’t be read before after dark.

My Story

I got my start as a traditional advertising copywriter, inventing concepts and compelling copy for TV, radio, billboards and print. As marketing became more digital, so did my craft—writing websites, banner ads and blog posts.

But I wasn’t satisfied with simply writing a web page. I didn’t want to re-architect a website from whims and vague feelings. I hungered for data to make my decisions. And when I was able to couple data with my agency-grade creative execution, the immediate, non-subjective results I saw were intoxicating.

This really sparked my transition to content strategy and digital marketing.

I began applying my creative concepts, customer insight and copywriting to content marketing initiatives—crushing competitors that were all data and no creativity. I learned analytics so I could uncover more of my own insights and accelerate the optimization cycle.

I started recasting entire user journeys. I taught other departments and team members how to create more effective content and steered them towards new types of content experiences as the digital marketing landscape evolved before our eyes.

The power of data and content expertise gave me a natural platform to take on SEO, where I relished stealing rankings and watching organic traffic swell. Understanding keywords gave me the jumping off point to take on PPC advertising and paid social for lead generation, where I cut costs per acquisition (CPA) and dramatically increased conversion rates.

That brings us to the me of today. A T-shaped digital marketer, leading content strategy, digital strategy, SEO, PPC and conversion optimization.

I’ve generated traffic, rankings and leads, guided strategy on numerous major website migrations, and helped reshape the very way major companies use content to accomplish their goals.


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Manager, Digital Marketing & Strategy
SEM Manager (SEO+PPC)
Product Marketing Manager
Content Strategist 

Unleaded Communications

Spark Energy
Creative Copywriter

TPRB Advertising
Copywriter / Account Manager 

D. Hilton Associates, Inc.

Creative Civilization
Junior Copywriter

Timpani Communications
MarCom Consultant




Retail Electricity

Professional Sports

Energy / Oil & Gas

Retail Furniture & Decor

Professional Services




Health Care

Social Networking

Arts Education



Notable Tools

Conductor Searchlight     Google Analytics     WordPress     Drupal     Sitecore     Vidyard


Skills & Expertise

Content Strategy & Content Marketing


“Hal understands content marketing and strategy inside and out – from building a blog base, landing page content, videos, whitepapers, buyers’ guides, etc. – and he knows how they all work together to produce results.”

—Jordan Nadler, Content Marketing Manager

Creative Direction & Copywriting


“While he is absolutely one of the best writers I’ve known, his talent truly rests at the strategic and conceptual levels.”

—Cecil Cross, Creative Director / Designer

Creative Direction

Video Direction

Brand Tone and Voice


Creative Concepting


Digital Strategy & Digital Marketing


“Hal brings an amazing amount of creativity and fun to B2B content, but his skill set goes well beyond content marketing and strategy.”

—Dave Hancock, Senior Manager, Digital Demand Generation

Leadership & Management


“He has a great “lead by example” mentality and is willing to step back and let his team learn and grow on a project, while also willing to jump in and do the most menial of task – whatever is needed to make the effort a success.”

—Michael Lamb, Director of Marketing Technology & Operations

Organizational Transformation


“Without exaggeration, Hal is truly serving as a change agent for Mitel with his customer first approach.”

—Brandon B. Rowe, Director of Marketing  

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