300,000 Pageviews

I built a corporate B2B blog from nothing to 300,000 pageviews per year, an active lead pipeline and a major PR pitching platform.

10x Revenue

The result of customer community-based contests that I concepted and directed, which also generated 3x the average community engagement and 2-3x the average leads for the community.

408% Increase in Conversions

The increase in display ad conversions I generated year-over-year, while also increasing paid search conversions by 227%.

70% Cost Reduction

The cost per conversion cost reduction I produced in my first year in charge of PPC for a billion dollar global company.

40% Organic Traffic Increase

I lead a 40% increase in organic traffic year-over-year for a B2B website in a mature industry, while delivering a consistent 15-20% annual increase over the other 4 years in that 5-year span.

106% Organic Conversion Growth

The year-over-year growth in organic conversions I lead while boosting organic conversion rate by 47%.

Marketer of the Year

The award one retail electricity client won during a year when my agency took the client from essentially unknown in the marketplace to the third most recognized retail electricity company in Houston.

$22 Million

The amount of capital that investors committed to a newly-founded bilingual non-profit organization based on the branding and messaging I created.

30% Increase in Revenue

The year over year increase in revenue generated for one credit union’s annual campaign the year I concepted and wrote it.


The kind of month a retail electricity client had after we ran an integrated campaign I concepted and wrote.

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