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There Are 10 types of Content Writers: Which One Do You Need?

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Companies are churning out content. Yours may be one of them. Chances are you’re not producing all this content in-house. Which means you’ll have to find and assess content writers. But not all writers were created equal.

Choosing the right type of content writer can mean the difference between being pleasantly surprised with a writer who brings more than you expected and being frustrated with a writer who can’t deliver what you want even with ample direction.

Once you dig in, you’ll discover that there are different types with different skills (with a single writer often holding more than one skill set). If you want your content marketing project to go well and produce results, it pays to understand the differences so you can get the talent best suited to your task.

To help you navigate your options, I’ve identified 10 main types of content writers and what types of projects each of them are best suited for in the ClearVoice blog post linked below. There’s even a quiz to help you pick.


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Hal Werner
Hal Werner
Hal Werner is a Dallas-area content strategist, digital marketer and idea man that loves bringing distinctive flavor and customer insight to every project.