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New Year, New (Content) Strategy

New Year, New Content Strategy

Last year, I started with a mission to boost this site’s profile. More specifically, I wanted to boost my organic search in part by creating two blog posts a month. Since I have a full time job (and since I decided not to just add noise to the Internet by rehashing overdone topics), I didn’t fulfill this goal 100%. I did make respectable progress.

But for all the work, I also had a realization.

It came when I was reading a post by one of my favorite content marketing experts, Ann Handley. You see, the post wasn’t on Ann’s site. In fact, as I went back to review many of the posts she’d authored, I realized that almost none of this well-known content marketing influencer’s blog posts and articles were actually on her own site. Yet, she was all over the Internet (and still is)—she’s marketing famous, if you will.

And it dawned on me.

While some people tend to build their audiences on their own sites (Ex. Copyblogger), Ann and others like her have opted to put much of their content out on other sites, which have their own built-in audiences. It might not tick off all the boxes of an analytics junkie – organic traffic, for example – but it has still undoubtedly raised her profile.

So this year, I’m opting for a new approach.

I’m following Ann’s lead and aiming to pitch my posts to sites with their own built-in audiences. Publishers get great content based on my unique perspective. I get exposure with a new audience.

Don’t worry, this blog isn’t going dark.

For starters, I’m going to use this blog to let you know when I’ve gotten published on other sites. I don’t expect you to search out every corner of the Internet yourself. So when I get published elsewhere, expect a short post here with a link to my full off-site post. And every now and then, I still might write up a post that just makes more sense here on my own blog.

So, wish me luck. Check back in regularly to see the latest. And if you think I might be a good fit to write a post for your site’s audience, contact me >

Hal Werner
Hal Werner
Hal Werner is a Dallas-area content strategist, digital marketer and idea man that loves bringing distinctive flavor and customer insight to every project.