Leadership & Management

Train your team so well, others want to poach them.

Lead so well, they decide to stay anyway.

Some of My Leadership & Management Skills

Identifying and Managing a Mix of Direct Reports, Remote Employees, Agencies, Vendors, Interns, Subject Matter Experts and Internal Content Producers

Talent Assessment, Hiring and Onboarding

Talent Mentoring and Development


Yearly Reviews

Performance Measurement and Management

Talent Reviews

Team Restructuring

Leading Cross-Functional Teams, Both Formal and Ad-hoc

Agency Search and Selection

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR)

Consensus Building

Business Case Building

What People Say About My Leadership & Management

“For my team specifically, Hal was an amazing resource for improving the quality of the content we produced, providing creative direction and strategy, and sharing powerful insights that helped our team members grow professionally.”

—Lisa Sarazin, Senior Manager, Global Content Marketing

“I appreciate him taking the time to mentor me at Mitel and showing me all the ins and outs of SEO, blogging, content marketing and writing.”

—Preston Miller, Digital Marketing Optimization Analyst

Examples of My Leadership & Management In Action

Leading & Developing Talent Pipeline with the Mitel Internship Program

Mitel Internship Program

At the request of my CMO, I presided over the inaugural semesters of the marketing internship program at our US headquarters.

This program would eventually help create a pipeline of young talent that helped give fresh energy and perspective to the company.

I assessed and hired talent, trained and mentored, created structure and expectations, and turned intern testimonials and relationships into employer brand advocacy.

The 3x Employee

Find out how I took a chronically under-performing employee on a merry-go-round of managers and got three times more performance out of them than anyone else did (and how you can do the same).

Because it’s not always practical (or desirable) to fire every person that’s not meeting expectations.


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Employee Productivity - The 3x Employee
Leading & Educating Marketers Through the Global Content Council

Content Marketing Training Series

Just because “content is everybody’s job” doesn’t mean everyone suddenly knows how to do it.

As the resident content marketing and strategy expert, I saw this gap and stepped up with a regular series of webinar-style content marketing lessons, mini content tips and ad-hoc coaching.

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