About Me


I like creating ideas that people want to spend time with. I like creating ideas that move the sales needle. I’ve been doing both simultaneously for years.

I’m not just a word man, I’m an idea man, and I’d love to find out how I can whip up some bold, flavorful ideas for you to get your customers clamoring for seconds.


I wear watches that tell time in unconventional ways. I enjoy the infinite variety and strong flavor of craft beers. I have a dog that’s scared of thunder but not of lizards.

I like to learn about how architecture shapes our lives. I have a soft spot for mid-century modern furniture. I occasionally write fiction that shouldn’t be read before bed.



SEM Manager (SEO+PPC)
Product Marketing Manager
Content Strategist

Unleaded Communications

Spark Energy
Creative Copywriter

TPRB Advertising
Copywriter / Account Manager

D. Hilton Associates, Inc.

Creative Civilization
Junior Copywriter

Timpani Communications
MarCom Consultant

Notable Tools

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